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Divisional History

For over a century AMETEK has serviced our customers motor needs. As our customers have grown and changed, we have grown and changed right along side them. Since our inception, we have seen a lot of change and growth. However, one thing that stays constant is our commitment to service and quality. 

1915 The Founders, Carl Duffner, Milton Spielman, Walter Poesse, Edward Hoffman and Victor Lynch, Incorporated, issued stock and elected officers.  Corporation name chosen was Domestic Electric

1920 Domestic Electric, located in Cleveland, OH, entered into the electrical motor components business - Armatures and fields

Late 1920's Domestic Electric moves to current location in Kent, Ohio

1930 American Machine and Metals listed on the NYSE:AME

1945 Ownership was transferred back to the Founders of Domestic Electric.  Domestic Electric's name was changed to Lamb Electric after then President Richard J. Lamb

1946 J. Cole develops Vacuum motor design still used today

1955 Lamb Electric purchased 80,000 square foot motor plant in Cambridge, Ohio from Black & Decker

1961 Corporate name change to AMETEK, Inc and the AME stock symbol was retained

1963 First 7.2" designed and manufactured

1972 Racine Wisconsin plant opened, third Lamb Electric plant in the U.S.A.

1973 First Automated armature line installed in Cambridge, Ohio plant in the U.S.A.

1977 Graham North Carolina plant opens, fourth Lamb Electric plant in the U.S.A.

1977 "Acustek" bracket developed to reduce sound power on Peripheral Bypass 5.7" motors

1978 EMC (Elettromotori Crema) was purchased by AMETEK

1979 The presidential "E" Award for Excellence in Export was presented to Lamb Electric

1987 AMETEK awarded with the Presidential "E" Star award

1991 AMETEK acquisition of Ciaramella (Italy) and merged with AMETEK Italia with EMC

1991 AMETEK acquisition of OEP (Italy) and merged into AMETEK Italia

1992 "Premier" 7.2" motor was developed

1993 Establishment of Lamb Electric & Technical Motors Division

1997 Opening of Reynosa, Mexico plant

1997 Opening of AMETEK Motors Shanghai operations

2000 Switch reluctance technology used for the development of brushless 5.7" and 7.2" bypass motors

2001 AMETEK Acquires GS Electric, becomes "Specialty Motors"

2005 New Flo-Tek, brushless motor introduced

2006 DellaDonne purchased by AMETEK and merged into AMETEK Italia

2007 Advantek blower motors feature eco-friendly design

2008 Ametek launches eternity brush technology in the new commercial 8.4" platform

2009 Ametek launches eternity brush 6.6" platform

2012 Twice the life car wash vacuums launched using the eternity brush technology

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