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Hydraulic Powerpacks

 AMETEK PRESTOLITE Motors have been a dependable hydraulic powerpack and winch motors for many years. We manufacture these in North America and in China allowing us to serve the global market of OEM and replacement needs. We manufacture a complete line of wound field motors providing both continuous and intermittent duty motors in many sizes and voltages.

Through extensive in-house testing and rigorous in-field trials, we have incorporated key design and construction features to ensure the PRESTOLITE designs offer consistent high performance, even in the toughest weather conditions. Key features. Combining all these benefits into one motor allows the snow plow operator to always have peace of mind.


What can you expect from our motor line?

Superior sealing – Prestolite motors do not let in snow, salt, or anything else. It’s that simple! This protection means the motor keeps performing when others have already stopped. A drain hole is also included.

High efficiency performance -PRESTOLITE motors can exceed 70% efficiency, usually pulling 150 amps. This higher efficiency in turns lengthens battery life which enables the snow plow operator to accomplish more work in a given time period

Corrosion protection – Prestolite motors feature powder coating for corrosion protection, thus ensuring continued performance despite a highly corrosive environment.

Long life – Prestolite motors are renowned for long life performance.


MUE 6311 MMY 6304A
MUV 6304  

Standard Duty  Heavy Duty
MUE 6301 MMY 6302
MUE 6302 MMY 6304

Model Families  Description
3.7" Family
MZC Single rotation
MZE Di-directional rotation
4.5" Family
MUE Standard 12 volt
MUV bi-rotational NUE version
MMY Heavy Duty version of MUE
5" Family
MBD Heavy Duty
MMR Higher speed version of MBD (ideal for scissors and booms)
MFY Totally sealed for short duty cycles

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