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AMETEK Floorcare & Specialty Motors (FSM) is committed to attracting and retaining suppliers that provide us with products that are high quality, competitively priced, advantaged payment terms, and world class service. Such suppliers enable AMETEK to exceed the expectations of our own customers, delivering significant and tangible value resulting in our growth and increased value to our shareholders.

We intend to do business only with suppliers that subscribe to our philosophy of quality and competitiveness and who will collaborate with us to help insure we enjoy an advantage in our marketplaces. AMETEK recognizes that a supply base that can meet the requirements stated above enables our growth, and in return we will reward that supply base with the opportunity to grow along with us.

AMETEK EMG Motors purchasing philosophy is built on the following five key elements referred to as the ‘Focus 5’:

1. Productivity - A minimum of 5% per year, every year.

Annual productivity is the cornerstone of our strategic supplier partnerships and requires a commitment from your company to ensure this metric is achieved. A subscription to the philosophy of year-over-year productivity is required. We compete in a very competitive continuously evolving market that has seen significant price erosion in recent years. We can only compete with a competitive supply chain, and it is our duty to you the supplier, to ensure there are no weak links and we can collectively succeed in the market. This objective requires creative thought and input of our Suppliers. Suppliers that deliver this level of performance will have a culture build on operational excellence and lean manufacturing. Ametek is committed to the supply base achieving world-class cost and through our purchasing organization we can facilitate knowledge transfer through our engineering and operation organizations.

2. Quality

Quality innovative products are what set AMETEK apart from the competition. Any slip in providing a consistent quality product to our customers puts the entire supply chain in jeopardy of losing that business. It is imperative that our supply chain have quality processes as a central focus throughout their production process. AMETEK strategic suppliers will employ six sigma quality processes. At a minimum all suppliers are required to have control plans that monitor critical characteristics and dimensions with strict policies to stop production and make correction when these critical call outs deviate beyond control limits. Please note the FSM Supplier Quality Manual in the documents section.

3. Advantaged Payment terms – Pending the service provided; required payment terms are:

  • Consigned Inventory
  • Lead-Times
  • International lead-times

Consigned inventory is defined as inventory available to AMETEK immediately for use. It is the supplier’s inventory and risk. AMETEK will work with the supply base to assist in maintaining the appropriate level of inventory to support production requirements, however the inventory is the responsibility of the supplier; AMETEK assumes no liability or risk for consuming the inventory.

Lead-time is measured as the total number of days between Release of Order/schedule and the Receipt of Goods (ROOROG) at our manufacturing facility or distribution center. Lead-time is inclusive of our supplier's manufacturing cycle time and the transit time for product to get into our facilities.

4. ROOROG Lead-Time of less than 7 days

5. Service Levels - On-time delivery is a window of 2 days early and 0 days late of an actual schedule date with 100% complete order quantity fill.

Our customers demand that goods be delivered on-time to meet their market requirements. As a result, we must demand the same performance from our Suppliers.

In addition to being a strategic supplier to AMETEK EMG, there are additional opportunities to grow with AMETEK Corporation. AMETEK Corporation is a $3 billion company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AME and is made up of numerous divisions supporting a variety of industries. You can find more detail about who AMETEK is by visiting our web site at Each division represents a significant potential opportunity for suppliers that want to engage with us and subscribe to our philosophy. Our purchasing operations are committed to promoting synergy across the corporation. As a commitment to these synergistic opportunities AMETEK has structured a global corporate purchasing group to work with divisional purchasing in consolidating and growing our strategic suppliers. If you become a supplier in good standing and can support the requirements of multiple divisions, you may then be syndicated as a strategic partner across our enterprise. The potential herein is sizable!

Your participation to the above ‘Focus 5’ is a requirement to be considered a key strategic supplier to AMETEK.

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