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AMETEK Prestolite Motors is recognized worldwide as a leader in high quality motors used in treadmills, coffee grinders, electric lawn mowers, scissor lifts, coffee grinders, pumps, mixers and many other industrial and commercial applications. It offers an extensive product line backed by outstanding customer service, global engineering and manufacturing. AMETEK Prestolite Motors is a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electric motors, electronic instrument, specialty metals and a wide assortment of electromechanical components. Prestolite150-Logo  


Coffee Grinder Electric Starter Electric Lawn Mower
Wheelchair Pottery Wheel Oil Burner Pump
Milk Shake Mixer Door Closers Wind Generators
Pumps Treadmills Cleaner Heads

Example Motors:

Treadmill Motor
Treadmill Motor

Bosch Motor
Truck Backup Brake Motor

Coffee Grinder Motor

General Purpose 12 volt PMDC

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