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Lift Gate Motors


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Lift Gate Motors

Leading manufacturers of tailgates count on the reliable, high efficiency performance of AMETEK PRESTOLITE DC motors.

Through years of extensive in-house testing and rigorous in-field trials, we have incorporated key design and construction features in our line of 4.5” motors:

On-time duty – Delivery truck drivers operate according to tight schedules and consequently must ensure each delivery is executed efficiently. AMETEK PRESTOLITE motors have the ability to run for long on-time cycles to ensure the tailgate lowers and raises expeditiously, thus allowing the driver to keep to schedule. The PRESTOLITE heavy duty MMY series can operate up to 11 minutes at 200 amps, ideal for a high concentration of deliveries.

High efficiency performance – AMETEK PRESTOLITE motors can exceed 70% efficiency, usually pulling 150 amps, meaning that the tailgate lift can be comfortably operated in a no-idle mode, in turn saving fuel costs for the driver and minimizing noise disruption in smaller towns.

Long life – AMETEK PRESTOLITE motors are renowned for long life performance. Our heavy duty MMY series can reliably achieve over 650 hours, thus enabling effective scheduled maintenance.

Low noise – Critical attention to armature balance, shaft alignment and speed control ensure AMETEK PRESTOLITE motors run quietly, which is of critical importance in smaller towns.


Standard Duty  Heavy Duty
MUE 6301 MMY 6302
MUE 6302 MMY 6304
MUE 6311 MMY 6304A
MUV 6304  

 Download our Lift Gate Brochure





MUE 6301

MMY 6302

MUE 6302

MMY 6304

MUE 6311

MMY 6304A

MUV 6304


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