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Leaf Blower
Leaf blowers have been using series universal wound motors for years. The advantage is their relatively compact and light weight profile. Old technology Round E laminations have been the lamination of choice until you hear about the efficiency and cooling advantages of the new Galaxy Lamination from AMETEK Floorcare & Specialty Motors.

So why is the GALAXY better than the round E? The round E has higher bore impedance. Getting cooling air down through the armature and field is more difficult and the difficulty increases with stack length. So, when a designer wants increased performance out of a round E (torque) the ability to cool the motor is impeded because the stack height is longer. With the GALAXY lamination this problem is avoided. The electrical properties of the GALAXY are superior as well. It just makes sense.

The efficiency of the galaxy lamination yields on the upper 70 percent range generating more power per amp than legacy or competitive designs. Fan technology provides for better cooling which again gives the leaf blower designer the ability to leverage less material for the same performance or using traditionally the same material and providing a more durable design.
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