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AMETEK Floorcare & Specialty Motors is a global manufacturer of a broad line of motors including drive motors, vacuum motors, micro compressors, gear motors, at seven different manufacturing locations. We have distribution serving all continents.  We operate under ISO9000 and lean manufacturing initiatives.  Two of our facilities have received the Dr. Lux quality award in suceeding years.  This is a prestigious internal award open to all of the AMETEK manufacturing facilities.

Our motors serve a wide range of markets including but not limited to: 
Car Wash Vacs, Central Vacuum, Commercial Floorcare, Environmental, Health & Fitness , HVLP, Hydraulic Powerpack, Lawn & Garden, Material Handling, Medical Equipment, Spa, Surface Prep, Hazardous Duty, Household Floorcare.

With hundreds of models ranging from output power of 500W to over 2000W, AMETEK designs and manufactures the most complete range of motors for the floor care market. Motor platforms can be traditional or high speed, through-flow or wet and dry, one fan or multiple fan systems all designed to meet specific customer requirements. Through innovative technology and best cost strategy AMETEK can provide the most effective solutions for Household, Commercial, Industrial and Professional vacuum cleaner applications as well as any special application involving drive or air movement.

The product lines cover a wide range of application demands. If there is a need for a product with a unique performance, mounting, environment or agency requirements, AMETEK can supply the solution. Whether the application requires a standard or special design, with a wide range of Series Universal, Wound Field, Permanent Magnent DC and Induction shaded pole motors, Gear Motors and Microcompressors, AMETEK has the solution for your application.

From its creation in 1915 as a small industrial supplier to its role today as a world leader in electric motor technology, AMETEK has continually set standards for engineering, design, testing, and production excellence with such state-of-the-art tools, techniques and equipment as: 

  • 3-D Modeling Equipment
  • Finite Analysis Programs
  • Fan Design Capability
  • RF Interference Measurement
  • On-Site Model Shop
  • Life Testing Laboratories
  • Sound Testing Facilities
  • Motor Test Laboratories
These extra services with state of the art engineering and testing facilities, including noise, vibration, and EMC testing, are available to Ametek Customers on both motors and end products for complete engineering support in new product development.
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