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AMETEK FSM manufactures a broad line of air moving motors for vaccum and blower applications. You will find us in Car Wash Vacuums, Central Vacs, Commercial Floorcare, Pneumatic Tubes/Material Transfer, Spa Blowers, Hazardous Duty Vacs, and Household Vacs. more>>
AMETEK Floorcare and Specialty Motors manufactures a complete line of series universial motors, wound field and PMDC motors. You will find our motors in snow plows, hydraulic power packs, electric lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and chain saws. more>>

The "Twice the Life" Car Wash Vac motors
Now in production!
1500+ hours life on single set of brushes
Reduce down time and customer satisfaction
Car Wash owners - SAVE $$$$

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Eternity brush motors push the life of series universal motors beyond limits

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AMETEK's 6.6" & 8.4" motors set the
new standard in commercial vac motors
High Efficiency - 700+ Air Watts
Superior Wet bearing protection

* * * *

AMETEK is the only manufacuter of UL & ATEX certified series universal Hazardous Duty vac motors

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      8.4 - AMETEK's Newest Commercial Workhorse

  • Compact Design - 700+ Air Watts
  • 46% Efficient - 2-5 db quieter
  • Up to twice+ the life using Eternity Brushes
  • Protection: Locked Rotor, Blocked Inlet, Running overload
  • Available with patented wet bearing protection - no grease washout

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